For those who don’t know it, VeraCrypt is the successor of the wildly popular encryption software TrueCrypt, whose development stopped a couple of years ago, apparently after the introduction of the BitLocker functionality in Windows 7 and 8.

The biggest advantage of something like TrueCrypt lied in the fact that it was multi-platform, unlike its Microsoft counterpart. VeraCrypt is also multi-platform (it’s available on Windows, Mac and Linux) and has an additional advantage over TrueCrypt, being open source which, for a Security product, is always good news (for those of you who are wondering, TrueCrypt wasn’t really open source as it had a very particular license, as you can read in its Wikipedia page).

Anyway, installing VeraCrypt on Windows is very straightforward (it’s the typical Next-Next-Next-Finish process), but if you want to use it on Mac OS, you need an additional piece of software to make this work (not that it makes the process any more difficult anyway, but still it’s good to have here for reference).

What you will need

  1. VeraCrypt for Mac OS X (downloadable here)
  2. FUSE for OS X (downloadable here)

Some of you might remember FUSE for OS X as that software necessary to acquire write capabilities on NTFS drives on a Mac machine. We will need it to use VeraCrypt and manage its encrypted volumes.

Installing VeraCrypt on Mac OS X

  1. Install Fuse for OS X first, and make sure you select the MacFuse Compatibility Layer option when prompted. By default, this is not selected.MacFuse Compatibility Layer option in the FUSE for OSX installer
    1. This is fundamental. If you skip this part, the VeraCrypt installer will complain later about this feature missing and installation will abort.
  2. Continue until the end of the installation process and enter your password when prompted to do so to complete the installation.
  3. You can now proceed with the installation of VeraCrypt without issues, as there are no options to choose from during the process.

You can now launch VeraCrypt and have all of its encryption goodness at your fingertips.

VeraCrypt welcome windows

The main VeraCrypt window