Day One Journal Does Not Have a Web App Yet, So I Started Working On It

I have been using Day One, the OSX and iOS journaling app, for quite some time now. I don’t use it regularly and some times I write more than others but I can say that, overall, I have found it quite useful. It’s a pleasure to use and its eye for typography is a big plus for me.

The developers of Day One have recently released version 2, which added support for multiple journals and multiple photos per entry, among other things. However, the new release has brought some discontent as well, mainly for what is considered a steep price ($9,99 for the iOS version and $39,99 for the Mac version), and the removal of Dropbox and iCloud as syncing options (you can only use their own sync service with version 2).

Personally, I think I’ll leave my opinion on version 2 for another post, but what I have personally been missing is multiplatform support. I understand that you cannot expect developers to focus on all platforms, and that it’s better to have a nice app on one platform only than a crappy app on every platform, but in today’s world I think that this approach might be risky, with the huge choice of systems and devices available.

Well, long story short, I wanted to view my journal content even when I was not on a Mac, but since there is currently no Day One web app yet, I decided to code it myself.

It is currently an alpha version, lots of little things need to be ironed out and some major features still have to be implemented, but I focused on what was more important in my workflow for now:

  • Reading a single article: Day One has a great design overall, and I wanted to be able to read my entries in a nice, uncluttered interface (much like their Publish feature, which is unfortunately still only available on iOS)
  • Seeing the list of entries I have written
  • Writing a new entry

The next steps are editing an entry, metadata, tags and favorites support for me to consider this ok for my needs.

Here are some screenshots so you can get an idea of what I have done so far:

Web journal - Single entry with image

A sample entry page with an image

Web journal - Single entry (3)

A sample entry with no image but several headings

Web journal - Single entry (4)

A short sample entry with an image and some bold text.

Web journal - New entry

The new entry page

Web journal - Home

The list view of all your entries

Again, this is something I did for myself, because I was missing a way to access my data truly anywhere (I don’t have an iPhone so the iOS version is a no-go for me), but perhaps somebody else might find this useful. I still have not decided what to do with this once I consider this project complete, and I hope this post will help me figure this out.

Would you find this useful? Should I continue working on this? Please let me know what you think and I’ll follow up on this once I have received some feedback.


  1. Looking great! I’m the main developer on Day One’s Web efforts. Too bad I wasn’t here before you had to put in this work on your own! :D. Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for being a user, and cool work on the homespun alpha client!

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