Seriously, the typical “try this software for 30 days” thing, how did we come up with this?

First of all, it’s never going to be 30 full days, even in the best scenario. Even when I download a software that I want to test at work, I am hopefully not going to work weekends (not every weekend at least), so I am losing 8 days there over a month already. So roughly 27% of the total amount of time available in the trial goes like this.

Second point: how often does it happen to use a software for all the remaining days in the trial anyway? I have often found myself using a new software just two or three times before the end of a trial, but that’s really not enough to understand whether I am ready to spend some money on it or not.

Wouldn’t it be better to have other methods? Like setting a maximum number of times you can actually launch the software or, maybe, tracking the effective time spent with the software open, in half-hour increments or something?

I realize that if I download something to test it and then I go on holiday, or I travel for work, or I just can’t use it for any other reason, it’s not the developer’s fault. But it’s the developer that is going to suffer from me not being able to use their application long enough to decide if it’s worth my money or not.