A Few Things To Pay Attention To When Upgrading FreeNAS From 9.2 to 9.3

A very quick post today with just a few things to pay attention to if you need to upgrade FreeNAS from version 9.2 to version 9.3. These are the little hiccups I encountered while performing this update on an oldish FreeNAS box.

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Cannot Download DSM Update 6.0-7321-1 On Synology DS213j

As usual when a new Synology DSM Update comes out, I got a notification email telling me that a new update (6.0-7321-1) was available for my DS213j NAS:

Dear user,

A new version of DSM has been downloaded and is ready to install. Please sign into ds213j and go to Control Panel > Update & Restore to install DSM 6.0-7321 Update 1. To know more about the DSM update, please refer to https://update.synology.com/autoupdate/whatsnew.php?model=DS213j&language=enu.


Synology DiskStation

So, as usual, I signed into the DSM web interface but when I tried to go to the Update & Restore menu, I got this:

Your DSM version is up-to-date.

Since I was signed in as an administrator, this couldn’t be a permission issue.I thought that perhaps Synology had pulled the update for whatever reason (even though I couldn’t find anything about this online), but the release notes as of today still show this update.

So I started looking for the update file to do a manual update, but apparently the file for version 6.0-7321-1 are not there. If you go to the official Synology DS213jdownload page, you will be prompted to download a .pat file for version 6.0-7321 of DSM. And if you look at all the available versions of DSM, you can only see updates up to version 6.0-7321.

Does anyone know what happened to this update? If you do, it would be great if you could let me know with a comment below.

Update 21/04/2016

It turns out that there was indeed an issue with this update. A new update (6.0-7321-2) was released on April 18th that fixes an issue with the previous update pack. From the updated release notes:

Fixed an issue where DSM 6.0-7321 Update 1 could not be normally installed with Auto-Update.

After installing this, my DSM now shows the correct updated version:

DSM 6.0-7321 Update 2

“Class ‘OC_FileProxy’ not found” During ownCloud Upgrade

A little background: I would like to try ownCloud version 9.0, mostly because of the file tagging feature. However, I can’t just jump to version 9.0 as this is not a supported procedure. From the ownCloud 8.0 Server Administration Manual:

It is best to keep your ownCloud server upgraded regularly, and to install all point releases and major releases without skipping any of them, as skipping releases increases the risk of errors. Major releases are 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, and 9.0. Point releases are intermediate releases for each major release. For example, 8.0.9 and 8.1.3 are point releases. Skipping major releases is not supported.

This is sound advice in general when it comes to upgrades, but at least now I have no excuse as I have been officially warned.

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XenServer Host Stuck In Maintenance Mode (Server Still Booting)

Here I am with another XenServer issue that was easy to solve but quite difficult to troubleshoot. I have applied a few XenServer updates (I am running XenServer 6.5 FP1), but I started having issues after installing XS65ESP1022 and XS65ESP1023.

Specifically, after rebooting the host following the installation of these two updates, I noticed that my host would not come out of maintenance mode anymore. If I tried to do so from XenCenter I would get an error message that said Server still booting. This of course was not true, since I could access the console on the host.

After a lot of trial and error I found a solution, but it turns out there were at least a couple of problems that I needed to solve before being up and running again.

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