How To Have The Ping Command Make a Sound

There might be cases where you are testing your network and it would be useful to know if your ping command is working without having to keep an eye on your screen. Imagine being in a server room behind a switch, while your computer is somewhere else in the room: it would be great if you could hear some sound while ping is working, and no sound when ping stops working (so you know when you have disconnected the correct cable).

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GNS3 V2.0 Has Been Released

GNS3, the famous network simulator, has reached version 2.0 today, and it includes quite a few new features.

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Dealing With Double NAT

I agree that I am not the typical home Internet user, so this complaint does not apply to 99% of ISP customers, but man, the remaining 1% should speak up. I absolutely hate when an ISP does not allow you to put their modem/router combo in bridge mode. Not that it’s something you cannot deal with anyway, but it’s annoying. And it’s not only a home vs business connection thing, in certain cases you are not allowed to put it in bridge mode ever.

Of course, this only applies to you if you want to use your own router instead of the one provided by your ISP, but I suspect this is becoming more common nowadays. Well, I actually suspect that most users decide to go for another modem/router combo, rather than a router alone, even when they are not happy with the ISP equipment, but still. Oh anyway, rant over, let’s move on to discussing how to deal with the biggest annoyance introduced by this: double NAT.

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View Detailed Network Information Straight From Your Mac Menu Bar

A little trick for you today. Have you ever wanted to take a quick glance to your network information of your Mac without having to go to System Preferences or opening the Terminal? Good news: meet the alt key.

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