Using a Comodo Free Email Cert In macOS Sierra

Comodo offer free email certificates, which is awesome as email is an inherently insecure method of communication. So, if you were toying with the idea of playing around with email encryption and signing, you have no more excuses now.

Getting the free cert to work on macOS, however, might be tricky if you don’t pay attention to a couple of things. Here are the pitfalls I have encountered in the process and how I was able to fix them.

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Nylas N1 Becomes Nylas Mail And Introduces A Free Basic Plan

I admit, I am a fan of Nylas, I think it’s one of the nicest looking email apps out there (if not the nicest looking one) and I admire the intent to simplify handling emails by abstracting all the differences between the various email protocols, so I am keeping an eye on the project’s development.

Most importantly, I love the option to self-host their sync engine as I like having things under my control. Email servers are something I have never wanted to deal with myself however, due to the very high complexity of managing such a thing, but with the sync engine it’s different. Emails are still handled by your email provider, but your sync engine is hosted by you locally, which in my mind gives me the best of both worlds.

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How To Build The Nylas N1 Email Client On Windows 10

After my post which explained how to build the Nylas N1 email client on macOS, here is the second post in the series which focuses on Windows 10 instead.

I had no shortage of issues and error messages trying to build N1 on Windows (and I wasn’t the only one, as the issues I opened in GitHub were often reproduced by others as well), but they all happened because I was trying to use an unsupported version of Visual Studio (2015 Community Edition, in my case) so here is all you need to do to be able to successfully build Nylas N1 on Windows 10.

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How To Install The Nylas Sync Engine On Bare Metal (Ubuntu Server)

After explaining how to build the Nylas N1 email client in my previous post, it’s not time to configure the Sync Engine itself. But before delving into this, a little introduction is in order.

Hosted or self-hosted?

There are two ways to use Nylas:

  • Using their own servers (through a subscription)
  • Hosting the Sync Engine yourself

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How To Build The Nylas N1 Email Client On macOS

I think Nylas N1 is the best looking email client out there at the moment. Recently, they decided to go subscription only, but you can still build the app and the sync engine yourself if you want, which is awesome :)

This guide will focus on how to build the Nylas N1 app (i.e. the email client itself) on macOS Sierra. It’s not a difficult task (far from it actually), it’s just that I did have my fair share of issues trying to find some cohesive and updated documentation on how to do this, so I hope this article will be useful to other people out there.

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