At the very beginning of last year I posted My Projects For 2017, in which I listed some of the technologies and projects I wanted to play with and study in the upcoming 12 months. I thought it could be a cool idea to do this regularly every year, so here is my projects for 2018 blog post, together with a short section looking back at what I wrote last year and what I ended up doing (and not doing).

My Projects From Last Year

These are the projects that, in January of last year, I said I wanted to work on during 2017, together with their status:

  • Learn and deploy Puppet [NOT STARTED]
  • Upgrade to XenServer 7 [NOT STARTED]
  • Work on a XenServer mobile app [NOT STARTED]
  • Find a good use for my new Raspberry Pi 2 [DONE]
  • Add some more web apps to my web server [DONE]
  • Test NextCloud and decide whether it’s going to be worth it migrating from ownCloud [DONE] (I migrated to Nextcloud after all)
  • Implement VLANs in my home network [DONE]
  • Consider switching to a hardware firewall [DONE]
  • Configure a new FreeNAS box to take the place of my Synology DS213J [NOT STARTED]

So, looking at this list alone, overall I didn’t do that bad I suppose :D Elaborating a little bit more, I didn’t start working on Puppet, on a new FreeNAS box or on the XenServer mobile app for pure lack of time. On the other hand, I did not upgrade to XenServer 7 yet because 6.5 FP1 has been so amazingly stable that it’s really difficult to push yourself to upgrade to version 7 lol.

Everything else that I have done has stayed: I am still using a hardware firewall and VLANs in my home network (although it’s debatable how useful this ultimately is outside of being an interesting exercise), my Raspberry Pi is running a bunch of stuff and was recently joined by two more Raspberry Pi 3 models, and I have been enjoying Nextcloud more than Owncloud.

My Projects for 2018

This year my list is going to be shorter, because there are a few things I would really like to focus on and make sure I complete:

  • Configure an ESXi machine: in the last 12 months I have been using VMware Workstation and Fusion pretty much daily in my work activities, so adding an ESXi box to the picture makes perfect sense for me. I really miss the possibility to download and upload VMs to the server with the click of a button, or not having to worry about converting VMs from XenServer to VMware all the time;
  • Get more familiar with Vagrant: I have started this a few weeks ago, and I am working on a blog series about it. I am still reaping the benefits of this tool in my workflow so getting very comfortable with the tool is certainly going to be a priority for me this year;
  • Learn and deploy Puppet: this I am taking straight back from last year’s list, hopefully I will have more luck implementing it this time :P
  • Understand cryptocurrencies more: I think it’s time for me to become familiar with the technicalities behind the blockchain and, in general, with how cryptocurrencies work;
  • Maybe, maybe, maybe and maybe, think about another publishing channel, a podcast or a YouTube channel focusing on system administration, security and basically all that I cover in this tech blog;
  • [OPTIONAL] Improve my Javascript skills: in the last few months, I have had to read more and more Javascript code, but it’s still not one of the programming languages I feel very comfortable with, so if I have some extra time, this is the language I would focus on this year.

There you go, here is my list for the projects I would like to work on in 2018. Much like last year, this list is going to change n+1 times and by the end of the year what I would have ended up doing will probably look nothing like this. But this will be something to discuss in my next year’s post ;)

What about you? What projects/technologies are you going to work on in 2018? Make sure to let me know in the comments, I am always looking for some suggestions.