Today, while troubleshooting an issue with the GPS location in an Android app I am working on as a side project, I stumbled upon this question on Stackoverflow and, reading the answers, I was brought to a page on the Google Developers website titled Making Your App Location-Aware.

An interesting extract from that page is this:

The Google Play services location APIs are preferred over the Android framework location APIs (android.location) as a way of adding location awareness to your app. If you are currently using the Android framework location APIs, you are strongly encouraged to switch to the Google Play services location APIs as soon as possible.

Well I guess you never stop learning. I had no idea about this and, looking at my Android project, I see that I have always used android.location rather than the Google Play Services location APIs.

I guess it’s time to at least try the Google APIs then, although I am not sure why it is recommended over Android’s own location API, but there must be a reason why we are strongly encouraged to switch.