How To Make Your Roland TD-11K Drums Recognize Your USB Drive

Right, soRoland TD-11K V-Drums Set this is not a sysadmin post by any means BUT, I still faced some technical difficulties while setting up some features on my new V-Drums set so I figured posts on these things could find a place on a tech blog :)

I am now (finally!) a very happy owner of a Roland TD-11K, but I think this post should apply even if you have a TD-11KV or perhaps even a TD-15K. I had some issues trying to get it to recognize my USB drive so I could play along with my songs or record myself, and this is what I found out about how this drums set works when it comes to USB drives.

This is all you need to make your Roland TD-11K V-Drums Set recognize your USB pendrive.

Initially, I would just plug in the USB drive and nothing would happen. I would get no message saying that I connected something, so I thought maybe I had formatted the drive in the wrong way. The problem was that, even if I went into the menu under USB options, so I could format the drive, I would get a message that no drive was inserted.

This is something that you absolutely must do to get your TD-11K to recognize your USB drive, something that I haven’t found in the Roland manual: you need to plug in your USB drive before you turn on the drums. If you plug the drive after the drums are on, you won’t be able to do anything.

Just to give you some extra guidance, these are all the info about the drive I am using at the moment so you can see a real-world example of what really works (when I was looking for information online I found them quite lacking):

If you use the same settings as me, once you turn on your drums set you should see it going straight to your USB drive root folder:


At this point, just press the Play button on your sound module and you should be good to go.

I have also tried recording myself and the track was successfully saved inside a Roland folder that was automatically created.

I hope this clears out some confusion about this, I hope you found this helpful. Oh, and if you want to Skype-jam together or something, please feel free to drop a comment below and we’ll see what we can do :D


  1. Thank you for this. I couldn’t work out why I couldn’t hook up anything to the USB out.

  2. Is there a maximum size usb flash drive that can be used with the td11?

    • I took a look at the sound module’s documentation and I could not find any mention of it. If I had a spare 128 GB USB drive I’d love to try it.

  3. Ahh Thank you so much!

    Just grabbed a used TD-11 and when it didn’t work, I thought I picked up a broken module.

    When I put the USB back in my PC, I can see the MIDI files but they sound nothing like the kit. Is there Roland software to mix the midi tracks and make them sound good? Do you know of a good free program ? I’m trying to record demos before going to the studio.


    • Hey Jay :) Glad the article helped!

      I don’t know any free program to deal with MIDI files, I haven’t really gotten into that side of my TD-11K yet, but please do let me know if you find something! It’s something I will have to start using soon I think, so any tips will be appreciated :)

  4. hey mate, nice solution but another problem is that sometimes some audio codecs cannot be recognised by the kit.

    do you have any solution for that?

    PS: not the buffer sizes, but the format matters alot in this process, instead of NTFS or any other non-standart format, most of the devices without an operation system won’t recognised it. because FAT32 is universal and standart for most of the gadgets that we use these days.

    • Thanks mate! What audio codecs are you referring to? I would love to run some tests because so far I haven’t run into this issue.

      And you are right about the format ;) I just thought that since I was at it, I might just list all of the details of the drive, no harm done :)

      • Some kpbs or bitrate does not match with the original codec thing. let say we download some random drumless backtrack. sometimes some of them does not play with an error “unsupported file format” yet it is mp3 file.

        • Sorry for the super late reply Sercan! I see what you mean now, but I haven’t run into any of these yet. When that happens, I will try to look for a solution and, if I find one, I will write another post for that.

  5. I have done exactly as you say but my TD 15 just say, usb not connected here.

    • That is interesting, I wonder if the TD 15 behaves differently than the TD 11’s. Unfortunately I don’t have one to test this out :(

  6. Hey man!! The problem I’m having is that the loops I created on my computer loop perfectly but when I drop them on to the module it’s adding a short gap so the loops no longer loop perfectly.. Anyone else had this issue. Seems like a strange problem for such advanced software! Maybe the flash drive is too slow?

  7. hi sir, im using the td25 KV and im having the same problems.. i even tried turning the module on with the usb stick already connected, but to no avail…any ideas?

  8. Hi – I just got a new TD-11 as well, and I am having some issues with recording the USB. First, it seems to record at a very low volume – sometimes I can’t even hear the hi-hat or the cymbals on my recording. Also, is there a way to record my drumming along with the play-along songs? When I record myself playing along with the songs, the recording only picks up my drumming – would I need to get some kind of mixing software to mix my drum track with the play-along songs (sorry – I am pretty new to drumming in general!) I have also experienced the issue with converting a song file to WAV. I can save it to the drive, and it appears on the root menu, but when I try to play it, it says “unsupported”. Any advice on any of these points would be welcome!!

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