Should you look into Intel Optane Memory?

The first time I heard about Intel Optane Memory my first thought was “Was this really necessary?”, so I decided to read more about the technology to find out if I was missing something. Now, after reading about this for a while, my question is still: was this really necessary?

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Understanding The New AMD Ryzen Naming Scheme

It looks like AMD is back, but this time, for real. The new line of Ryzen processors is receiving very good reviews online. Personally, I am keeping a close eye on these CPUs, and my next workstation build is very likely going to be Ryzen-based (a Ryzen 5 1600, probably, but I am still open to suggestions on this).

Now, AMD suffers from the same problem that Intel has, albeit a bit less pronounced: their naming scheme is atrocious. Unless you follow hardware updates closely, you will find it very difficult to differentiate between models just by looking at the model name. Understanding what your best choice is by looking at the product name alone is close to impossible (Intel 6900K vs 7700K anyone?).

The goal of this article is to make sense of AMD Ryzen’s naming scheme which, so far, makes way more sense than Intel’s in my opinion, but it still needs some clarification, especially since the technology is brand new.

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Everything I Learned About Building a CCNA Lab

One of the most difficult things in passing the CCNA exam is understanding what kind of equipment you need to build your own test lab. There are so many different models of switches and routers that you will quickly feel lost trying to make sense of all this, so I decided to write this post to avoid everyone the hassle ;)

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6 Beeps When Booting a Dell Studio XPS 8100

So this weekend I have experienced my first graphics card failure. When booting a Dell XPS Studio 8100 desktop PC, I started getting 6 beeps and no video at all. I immediately thought about either a RAM or a motherboard failure, but after a quick search online I quickly found out that this was actually a video failure.

This machine came equipped with an ATI Radeon HD 5770 graphics card, so the first thing I tried was using the onboard video on the motherboard, but once more I was getting the dreaded 6 beeps. It was only after some more digging that I found out that my configuration did not have onboard video :/

So the only option left was to replace the graphics card with a new one. The HD 5770 wasn’t the best graphics card ever made and it was quite power-hungry like other ATI cards, but it has served me well for quite a few years, even of intense use.

A couple of pictures for posterity, to remember what a beast this GPU was :D

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