Hi! My name is Daniel Pellarini, I still don’t know what I want to do with my life but I hope I will find out some day. For now, I keep myself busy with things that I like, and system administration is one of them.

I have started getting interested in it after buying a second-hand HP Microserver N40L off Ebay just because I was curious to see what I could do with it. The first thing I did with it was to install ownCloud because I wanted to move away from Dropbox and I liked the idea of hosting stuff myself. However, it didn’t take long to move away from this configuration to a virtualized one. I started off with the free version of VMware ESXi but I have since then moved over to Citrix XenServer.

A few years after that initial purchase, I am still here, with another server, still tinkering with stuff, trying to get things to work and trying out several self-hosted apps to see if I can have a use for them.

In the professional realm, I find myself working in IT Security quite often. I have done several things in the field, including some Pentesting, Big Data applied to Security and PKI/Identity Management Tech Support.

When I am not working with computers, I like reading, playing videogames (jRPGs, platformers and racing games, mostly) and drumming.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn and, if you are interested and want to make me an amazing job offer, you can take a look at my online resume ;)

If you are on Steam, feel free to get in touch about that too so we can nerd online together. I never say no to a fellow gamer.